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Samujinn 2 years ago
your skintone tho :)
Kazralkree 2 years ago
because he is uncircumcised! the foreskin turn truly crimson specially on very milky skin when it is spread truly hard. It only last a few mins after you jizz
Tygobar 2 years ago
See. this takes a nice concept, like helping people, and makes it into an obligation; a chore. It's like when you are invited to a baby shower and the person has chosen the most expensive things when a baby can't use most of it for more than six months. It's like being invited to a house warming party and the person has SHOE SIZES on the invite. Yes, that happened.
Mur 2 years ago
Yes bias doesn't mean useless. It's just something to be aware of when looking at the study.