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Tygoramar 2 years ago
i love the way you talk sexy voice i wish you my wifey
Shakar 2 years ago
That's an attractive belief. How beautiful would that be?
Kigagore 2 years ago
That gotta be so awkward for adult movie stars to act like there sleeping while two people are pounding it out right next to them lol
Samuzragore 2 years ago
That smirk however
Moogugis 2 years ago
There's only 1 full-time employee younger than I am here. I still feel like I work with children at times. People apparently can't tell the difference in a normal stapler and a large capacity stapler. Well, they use the large capacity for just a few sheets, and it doesn't staple, so they push down again. And again. Jamming the thing. I just cleared out a jam of probably close to a dozen staples. : /